Car Insurance Quotes

Car Insurance Quotes in South Africa

Car insurance quotes in Mzansi are getting extra important nowadays. The crime rate in the country is not the only reason why people should get their cars insured. The cost and expenses of getting simple repairs on cars are getting more and more ridiculous. Getting your own car insurance that is payable on a monthly basis will help you when unexpected event occur.

Compare Rates before Purchasing a Policy

When you are comparing quotes for insurance, you will come across companies that offer more benefits and their monthly rates are priced at a lower cost. However, there is some other stuff you might discover comparing quotations online.

Type of Cover

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance- This type of insurance policy will cover your car from theft and
    Car Insurance Quotes South Africa

    Car Insurance Quotes South Africa

    fire and in the event of an accident.

  • Third Party, fire and theft – This insurance policy will cover the third party or their property, by means of damage of the vehicle due to fire or theft this policy can be applied. But it will not cover your vehicle due to own damage or accident.
  • Third Party only – this policy can only cover a third part’s property and their medical bills. The policy will not cover for your damaged car.

There are other things you are able to get insured. These can comprise of rims, roadside assistance, towing of vehicles and sound cover.


Location is one of the things that is considered and has a huge impact on the premiums you pay. Those who stay in big cities where there is a lot of activities are typical to pay a high amount of premiums. This is because there is a high level of hijacking and burglary in the main city centres mainly in Soweto and Alexandra.

Type of Vehicle

If your vehicle is more affordable on the market and its speed limit is not extreme the lower your premiums will become. If you are planning on getting a fast moving sports car to ensure that you will be able to pay the expense of the insurance cover because the premiums are expensive.

Setting Policies

If you are one of those loyal policy members who ensure all their assets to the same insurance company you might have a liability of getting a discount.


Where you park your vehicle is a decisive factor when you are getting a policy. A lower premium is provided when you park it in the garage and higher premium is provided when you park it overnight on the streets.


An insurance policy can be managed by limiting your vehicle’s yearly mileage. However be careful that if you go beyond the instructed number of miles you will be eventually uninsured


Having your own tracking devices and alarms in your car can enable you to pay lower premiums. The insurer will consider that your car has enough security hence less risk to the insurer also.

No Claim Reward

Many insurance companies in Mzansi have a cash back facility. This is used when the client has not claimed a certain amount of money for years. However, this will grant you lower premium payments.

Your Sex

Ladies are well known for careful driving hence they will have to pay fewer amounts of premiums.

Advance Driving Abilities

Lower premiums are offered to those who practised advance driving or someone who has a defensive driving license. The insurer will see this person as a good investment because of lower risk will occur.

Your Age

Your age will determine the amount of premiums you pay. The more mature you are in driving fewer premiums you are likely to pay.

Your Occupation

The career that you have can also determine the premiums you pay. People with detailed occupation are reported to be aggressive drivers and they are likely to pay a higher amount of premiums.

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