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17-year-olds car insurance.

You just came from passing your matric and you get a car as a gift. Not to worry about how you will pay or fix your car if you are involved in an accident. Car insurance will not segregate you, it has got you covered all the time!

The National Road Traffic Act in South Africa clearly states that the minimum age-old a person to legally own a license is at the age of 17 for all motor vehicles under 3500kg. In cases whereby they do not have a license, they can drive under the supervision of a licensed driver. But the driver has to have obtained their license for at least a year.

17-year-olds Car Insurance South Africa

17-year-olds Car Insurance South Africa

Young drivers are prone to accidents. This is because of a lot of factors. They still have that zeal to drive fast. They tend to be excited by what the law does not allow. They are always that excitement young people seem to have when driving because it is not a thing that they are used to on a daily basis.

Most of the time, excitement leads us to bad things. This is why insurance for 17-year-olds is considered one of the most expensive premiums. Experience is always said to be the best teacher of all times. This is how it works with insurance, before just giving you a premium they have to consider a lot of things, you =r location, where you usually go with your car, and a lot of other things.

Your question might be is this even necessary? It is important for the insurer to have knowledge of these things. The more chances you are at risk you’re your car rather is at risk for damage, it is important for you to be offered a premium that will cover all those expenses when anything happens.

This is way better than you have to fork out money after being involved in an accident. Insurance makes sure that you are financially secured because you never know when disaster strikes. It might happen when you are least expecting it and you are financially strained.

For 17-year-olds yes insurance is expensive but that does not mean that they is no way for it to be reduced until it is affordable. The following ways are solutions as to how a 17-year-old driver secure an reasonably priced car security cover.

Black box; this is a device that has been made available to people of all ages, but preferably those of younger age. The black box is a device that is fitted to your car and has various uses that can save you from paying vast sums of money for your premium. What the black box does is that it dictates how you drive and the data is automatically sent to your insurance provider. And that data is the one that is used to calculate your premium which is cheaper than the insurer using statics that is based on the fact that all 17-year-olds are likely to be involved in a car accident and that they are reckless drivers.

The black box is also a tracking device. Take for instance that your car has been stolen and you had fitted this black box in your car. It sends a location to the insurer as to the whereabouts of your car.

Academic; growing up the song of ‘’going to school and keeping your grades high’’ has always been the music to our ear that we do not want to hear. But it has always been highlighted that it is an important factor in our lives. So insurance companies also hold hands with the community and schools as they have put a policy that if one is to maintain or produce high grades that are As and Bs they are chances that their premium will definitely be reduced.

Mileage; the more you travel or always to different places the more you are considered to be at risk with your car. And like said before the more your car is at risk of any threats the more your premium is. So the less you drive to places the less your premium will be.

Adding another person to your insurance; yes you heard me right! It is possible and very much legal for a person who is 17 to add his or her guardian to their policy. this one of the ways that they can reduce their policy. It is preferred or more advisable to add a female person. Shocking as it sounds you heard right! It is statistically proven that females are better drives than male drivers, and because of this, their premiums are lowered.

Car advancement; the edge to advance your motor vehicle is there obviously. As the young say it now that they want to keep up with time. It is allowed to upgrade your car but it will cost you! The more you advance your car the reason is you want it to be more attractive right? Well, it also attracts bad company that is thieves. Now your car is at a greater risk or being damaged or stolen. This really leaves the insurance providers with no choice but to raise your premium.

Defensive driving discount; after getting a license that is as far as most people go. But if you opt to go for extra lessons. That is the defensive driving school, you get a discount off from your premium that will make it a little more affordable.

Car type; leave the red Ferrari for when you can actually afford to pay your own premium without having to twitch at the price. Safer cars are cheaper to insure. This is because of various reasons, some of these expensive cars make have car parts that are highly expensive. If those car parts are to be replaced because the car would have been damaged in a fire, the parts are expensive to buy. So to avoid such money strains on the insurance company your premium is set at a higher price.

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