How to Maintain Your Car

Car maintenance

Car maintenance

We love to say that “your car is your baby”.  A very big baby, but all the same, it is still a baby. One that you will love and cherish for life. Even though it doesn’t grow in size, but it does age this is why you should maintain it! So here are a few tips to make sure that your car ages gracefully.

Tips on Car Maintenance

  • For the first part make sure that your car is insured. This is because anything can happen on these South African roads and you do not want to be found wanting. Despite the myth, car insurance is not that expensive, just make sure that you get a policy that you can afford. And let insurance maintain your car.
  • Wash it. Come on, no one wants a dirty baby. So just make sure that you wash it every now and again. Even if just the simple home wash with the washing powder and a rag. It still counts. Even though it would be nice to take it to the car wash every now and again.
  • Drive Carefully. South African roads are labelled as a high risk. So to keep your car longer, make sure that you drive carefully. Do not exceed the speed limit and avoid racing on the roads.
  • Do not eat in the car. We all love eating in the car. However, we do not advise this as some foods can leave a smell in the car. This will then force you to change the seat covers sooner than you would want to.
  • Take it for servicing. Make sure to always take your to the car doctor when its time is due. By this we mean, take your car for servicing when it’s now due. This will ensure a safer driving experience as your car will be in tip top shape.
  • Repair Damages. We advise that you repair damages as soon as possible. Some damages done to the car can extend and it will cost you more. So repair the damaged parts sooner than later.
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