Comprehensive car insurance

Comprehensive car insurance offers the most wide-ranging cover and it’s not constantly the most costly option. By means of regulation, you must have car insurance as soon as you get behind the controls of a car in South Africa, but with diverse levels of cover accessible it might be complicated having to choose which is best for you.

Comprehensive Car Insurance South Africa

Comprehensive Car Insurance South Africa

What is comprehensive car insurance?

Comprehensive insurance is a cover or a rather a full cover that gives protection to a damaged vehicle or stolen. It offers protection to vehicles that have been in an accident but not in a collision. A comprehensive policy gives protection from natural calamities which is not in your control. It gives personal accident cover that protects the insured in case of injury or death. It will also secure your family’s future in case of a disability or death.

There are three types of insurances that are offered in South Africa and comprehensive is one of them being a full cover package, with it also comes extras. It is regarded as the insurance that offers the highest level of protection.

The third party; it covers you to any damages you cause to other people and their properties. Ultimately it bids cover against any permitted charge third party when you are at fault.

Third party fire and theft; insurance of this type cover you in the event that your car is damaged by a fire. But then again in such cases, you will first have to report to the police so as to get a crime number that you will reproduce to the insurance company. This could be accidental or the result of firebombing.

Theft; The policy will cover you in the event that your car is stolen. It will also cover you if your car is damaged during an attempted theft.

What comprehensive policy covers?

It is important to always check the phrasing of each policy. As some may offer extras when some do charge for these extras. This policy covers vandalism, theft, fire, natural disasters, damage done to your car by animals, a civil disturbance and also falling objects. The ones that give extras include break down cover, windscreen repairs and also courtesy car if yours is in for repair. For some extras depending on the insurance company include tow trucks.

Are fully comprehensive policies expensive?

Most people tend to compare comprehensive policy and third party fire and theft and come up with the conclusion that it is the most expensive. But this is not always the case as comprehensive might actually be the cheapest, considering the fact that it covers for you and the third party of course. As compared to the third party fire and theft which might only cover for you and for the third party it will be at your own cost.

The other factor that influences the cut down of your cost with the comprehensive policy are the following elements; your age, car mileage, where you live and also the model of your car.

Why compare comprehensive car insurance with

You really do not need to waste your time comparing prices, instead let do that for you. We compare insurance policies offered by companies in South Africa. We never leave you to settle for second best, we make sure you get the best coverage which is convenient at all times.

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