Third Party Fire and Theft

Third party fire and theft insurance

  • The Third-party and theft insurance covers the insurer’s damage affecting the third party in South Africa. The policy will only pay damages encountered by the 3rd party and their property.
  • If your car is involved in a car accident anywhere within South Africa the policy will not cover but your car will be covered only in fire and theft damages.

What does a third party insurance cover?

  • The Third-party insurance covers any damage or injury you cause to any other person. For instance, the insurance covers for passengers in your vehicle in South Africa.
  • Whenever it is proven that you were responsible for the accident, you will not get insurance for your car and your injuries.

What is a third party fire and theft cover?

  • The third party fire and theft insurance cater for coverage similar to the third party insurance, however, it also caters to your cars’ theft and fire damages anywhere in South Africa. They are insurance payouts paid after an accident has occurred to the third party.
  • This level of insurance is more expensive as compared to the basic third party only cover.
  • The insured should be aware that the third party and fire cover will not cover for your injuries or any repairs your car requires.

What are the advantages of the third party cover

  • It will be beneficial to the insured to opt for a third party because it’s much more cheaper compared to the comprehensive policy in case you are with a low budget.
  • The cost of your car will also be determined with if the insured has a No Claim Bonus and the area you live in.
  • The insurance is much more advantageous to a car worth lesser.

Is the third party insurance always the cheapest?

  • Third party insurance does not necessarily mean that it is cheap. It could be cheap compared to
    Third Party Fire & Theft Car Insurance South Africa

    Third Party Fire & Theft Car Insurance South Africa

    insurance such as the comprehensive policy. The comprehensive policy covers the 3rd party, theft and fire damages of the owner’s car as well as the owner too. Thus it’s much more expensive.

  • In regards to the Third party insurance, there are certain factors that are considered and that determine the cost the of clients premium.
  • Age is a factor considered in regards to the premium quotation provided by the insurer. When a client is a young driver, insurance expenses are higher too. Therefore, the insurance provider has to come up with ways of reducing such costs.
  • Meanwhile the choice of car will determine cost as well, thus some make and model of your cars will have a higher premium than others.
  • Where you live is also calculated in your premium, Do you live in a low-density area where car vandalism and car theft is lesser or in a high-density suburb where fire and theft are likely to happen frequently?
  • Your insurance calculation quotation will include the milage rate. The insurer will want information about how much average miles you cover per anum.


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