How much is too much alcohol when you are driving

When driving you to need your utter attention in South Africa. You have to concentrate. The thing with driving is that

Driver South Africa Car Insurance

Driver South Africa Car Insurance

when something goes wrong you are not the only person affected. But also the people on the road and your passengers as well. In other words, other people’s lives are in your hands in South Africa.

It is advisable not to drink and drive. This might cost you a lot in terms of the relationship between you and your car insurance company in South Africa. The following are reasons why it is important for one not to consume alcohol whilst on the wheel in South Africa.

Effects of alcohol when you’re driving

Alcohol has tendencies to slow down the brain and how it reacts to situations. This can slow down reflexes. This will cause you to react slower than usual and might cause an accident in South Africa. Most of the times people do testify that alcohol makes your eyesight blurry and bad. Illusions are also effects of alcohol.

In South Africa or some alcohol takes control of them to the extent that they feel like sleeping. Concentration is low. And like mentioned above concentration is the key to a good driver. There is a great percentage that suggests that most accidents in South Africa were caused by drunk drivers.

Consequences of being irresponsible when you’re driving

For every bad deed, there is a consequence. In this case, drinking and driving can cost you a lot. In as far as your car insurance is concerned it will be bad news. The first step is that they do a thorough investigation if really you were drinking and driving. If that is the case they can suspend your driver’s license in South Africa.

Or remove you from their system. Which means that you will no longer be using that insurance provider in South Africa. But yes you might probably be thinking that you will just go and get another car insurance service provider in South Africa. It is not that easy because your record is already bad. And no other car insurance company might even want to consider to help you in South Africa.

So it is wise for people to stop drinking and driving. You would really hate it to be responsible for other people’s losses. Always being responsible always brings benefits in South Africa so that you can maintain your low insurance premiums in South Africa.

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