What does your car colour say about you?

What does your car colour say about you

What does your car colour say about you

You know what they say about what you wear is a resemblance of who you are. Yep! And so does your car. It speaks for you. So you want to make sure that you choose the right colour so that you send the right message to the people. This is why often celebrities have flashy cars, it’s because their cars are a symbol of status and show their taste and personality which is very important.

Colours and meaning

Black; black has always been that colour that represents, grieve, death all things that are associated with bad and evil. In movies, the witch will be the one in black or the vampires, or the rowdy crowd with the bikes. But gone are the days when people used to think that of black. Get a black car and it will speak volumes about you. We talking boldness, empowerment and a person who can never be intimidated.

Red; red will forever be red. We are talking elegance, sexiness. It is always said that dynamic qualities are associated with high energy. And this is what exactly the colour red does. The bolder the red the better. Have you ever asked yourself why the red Ferrari or red mustang is the most popular or most loved ones? If you haven’t think about it.

Orange; yes admit it you have seen orange cars! They are all over but rare, this suggests that you are unique. You like trying new things. Because it’s not an everyday thing that you bump into an orange car. There are some people that love to be separated from the rest and those are the ones that go for the colour orange.

Yellow; yellow shows that you are young at heart. You are jovial, a free spirit that is ready to just go into the world and have a lot of fun. Just as the sun shines brightly so does your personality!

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