Optional Cover Car Insurance

Optional cover car insurance allows you to add extra options to your car insurance policy in order to customise your policy for your personal needs. Optional cover car insurance is often referred to as add-on cover.

Sometimes optional cover can be added regardless of your type of insurance; other times it is dependent on your choice of a particular level of insurance. Generally, the higher the level of your insurance cover, for example with comprehensive insurance, the more options you will have available to you.

Optional Cover Car Insurance South Africa

Optional Cover Car Insurance
South Africa

Types of optional cover
If a car is essential to your everyday lifestyle, having the option of a courtesy car might be a useful optional extra for you to consider. If you are a sales representative, you might be interested in making sure your car is covered if you ever need to travel outside the country’s borders. Some insurance that is directly targeted at women offers add-on insurance for typically female needs, e.g., if your handbag is stolen from your passenger seat (which is a bad place to leave it whilst driving.)

Check your car insurance policy and make sure that you are not paying for options you may never use, such as car hire if you only use your car to go shopping and fetch children from school (and your husband’s car is available as a back-up.) Ask your insurance company to delete the extra’s you do not want and ask them to reduce your premiums accordingly. If the extras form part of an included benefit such as roadside assistance it may not result in a lower premium but it never hurts to ask.

Let’s take a look at some other examples of Optional cover car insurance:
1. Emergency roadside assistance including medical assistance
2. Hire / courtesy car in case of an accident or breakdown
3. Towing to the nearest authorized repair shop and storage cover
4. Accommodation when far from home at the time of the accident
5. Personal messaging service to family and place or work should you be stranded after an accident or breakdown
6. Trauma assistance – after an accident, help with court hearings
7. Emergency tyre and flat battery change
8. 24-hour windscreen emergency help
9. Personal Accident and Accidental death cover – a payout for the policyholder’s family to help with any immediate expenses they may need to cover
9. Damage and/or loss of keys, locks and remote access
10. Car insurance for contents, including clothing and personal effects, cell phones, computer equipment, tools and emergency equipment and personal documents
11. Mechanical breakdown policy once your car’s warranty has expired
12. Sound equipment such as your car radio
13. Other accessories, like mag wheels, tow bars, 4×4 accessories, sun roofs, canopy, leather seats
14. Adding an additional car and/or the car’s or your spouse or family residing with you
15. Business insurance while using your car on business in neighbouring countries
16. Gap insurance to cover the shortfall between what your insurance will pay out and the outstanding balance of your car loan
17. Credit Life insurance will pay off your car loan in case of death or disability
18. Add your household insurance to your car policy to save money
19. Additional excess – where you take on a larger excess but pay lower monthly excess
20. Excess Waiver – you pay an additional amount monthly but in the case of a claim there is no excess payable by yourself
21. Increased 3rd party liability

Comprehensive cover
It is generally considered that the most effective car insurance is comprehensive cover. With comprehensive cover you can add the optional extras you personally require or remove those you don’t need. 3rd party only as well as 3rd party, fire and theft insurance will allow you limited add-ons.

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