Why are white cars are popular in South Africa?

White cars in South Africa

White cars in South Africa

The number of white cars in South Africa is unbelievable! Which is quite the opposite of other countries?  You probably wondering, why? This is because of a number of factors.

Unlike European countries, Africa is blessed with a glowing medallion in the sky. One can never talk about Africa and forget to mention the warm weather that it comes with. It is a debatable issue whether it is really true that white reflects heat.

Pros of white cars

It is so that they are more white cars in South Africa because not only does it keep the inside of the car cooler but it saves fuel. Yes, you heard me right! You won’t have to switch on the air-con because the color of your car is designed to serve that purpose.

We are always talking about finding a premium that is more affordable and reasonable right? Well, this is a factor you should consider. Because white is light and more visible you are at a lower risk of actually being in an accident.

In this life money is everything. Car sales companies and rental companies rent out white cars at a lower price than other colored cars. The reason might be that if there is a dent on the car it is less visible than if the dent is to be on a car with color.

People deteriorate and so do cars. They are exposed to quite a number of harsh changes in weather which cause wear and tear. So a few touch ups might be required for the car. But with cars that have color, it might be difficult to find a color that actually does match. But with the beauty of white, you can easily find white paint to match.

Cons of white cars

However, everything does have pros and cons. The camouflage of snow and white is so perfect that your life could really be in danger in such weather conditions. Mist and fog also make it hard to see a white car. On the other hand, another man’s bedroom is another man’s toilet.

Why I speak like this is simply because in South Africa this can’t stop the people from getting white cars because such weather conditions are very rare. In some parts of South Africa if not most they do not even experience them which is even a greater reason for them to get white cars.

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