Public vs Private transport

Other people prefer using public transport and see it as being less expensive. Than having to buy a car. But let’s be realistic! Both modes of transports do have their pros and cons.

Public vs private transport

Public vs private transport

Cons for public transport

Like we all know this is transport for the public. Long waiting times and delays are rather a very common characteristic of this sort of transport. And the sad part of this is you really have no one to blame or point a finger at when you inconvenienced. Public transport can also be a bit crowded. Space is a problem, if there is to be an outbreak of flue or whatever it is, the first people to be at risk are those using public transport.

For people with a condition, it can be pregnancy or disabilities there are no special treatments set up for them. In other words no one is treated differently in terms of needs and requirements. Although slowly is the world developing and finding ways to carter people with cases that you delay that won’t stop the public transport from ding its regular rounds or waiting for you.

Pros for public transport

Public transport makes traffic congestion redundant. There will be less vehicles on the road if it was the only means of traffic used or the most used mode of transport. Which also has environmental benefits. It reduces the amount of air pollution and less noise pollution.

As funny or odd as this might sound but is very true. As people tend to meet their life partners on sub ways to get a bus. Some meet business opportunities or people who are going to help them to pursue their dreams in public transport.

Cons for private transport

Your own vehicle for most is always ideal. As you are not inconvenienced or  you don’t disturb anyone as it is your rules and your car. The issue of worrying whether you will miss the bus is the last thing on your mind. Goodbye to you having to disquiet if you will get a seat on the bus.

If you have special needs or you have a child that has special needs probably there are disabled. That won’t stop you from travelling or travelling with your child. And not only that but in comfort too. What you simply do is fit a wheelchair in the car or the recommended seat.

Pros for private transport

Buying a car is not all fun and games. Not everyone can afford buying a car. It is expensive. With it comes expenses as you have to consider the following; getting car insurance, maintaining it and even buying fuel. Which you might actually see that getting public transport is much more cheaper.

At the end of the day it all comes down to what you prefer as an individual. It also comes down to what you can afford with having to lose sleep because of stress.

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