R1 car insurance

R1 car insurance! You can’t believe your eyes right! But you read right. Insurance companies do make generous offers too. Researchers have discovered that there is need for you to have cover for those little things that you care about.

What really is R1 insurance? Well you can opt for any cover you want. Let’s take conservation for instance, you then get the benefit of adding your possession to be insured only at a cost of as low as R1. I mean how great is that?

R1 Car Insurance South Africa

R1 Car Insurance South Africa

Can I really have R1 Car Insurance?

With this privilege there are a list of things one of each you can only insure. And these include;

  • Apple watch-famously known for it being a status symbol. It expresses importance and dominance. You really can’t afford to lose such a valuable possession like that. In cases that it gets stolen or you lose it by accident. The great news is that you get your money back!
  • Bike-a bike and a car are more or less the same thing. It is unfortunate that the security on a bike really doesn’t make one think twice about stealing it. But some bikes have a very high value, it is important to take into consideration important factors. That there is no other place that will give you the opportunity to insure your bike at a very low price as R1 but only in South Africa.
  • Hearing aid-just like spectacles people actually depend on these things. The same concept of you wanting to hear what people are saying and so many other sounds. That can help you to avoid tragedy for instance accidents. Hearing aid for people with a hearing problem are a necessity. In cases whereby you miss place it the insurance cover will help you recover and get another one. So it is important that such small valuables are insured.
  • Nikon camera-a camera is a third eye especially for the media personals, or travellers. If your physical eyes miss other things you are guaranteed that your camera will. Or capture moments you want to be remember for the rest of your life. Get the R1 insurance and you are assured of getting your camera back if it is stolen.
  • Golf club-for the gurus of the game might be worried as to what will happen if their clubs are stolen. R1 insurance got you covered .so you can safely sleep at night knowing that your clubs will be retrieved.
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