Scratch & Dents Car Insurance

Basically: Scratch and Dent car insurance cover those tiny, mysterious mishaps that happen on the car. Take, for instance, leaving your car parked in the parking lot dent free, and getting back to find a scratch that was not there before. That’s basically what is meant by scratch and dent insurance.

What the Scratch and Dents Insurance package offers

Most Scratch and Dent Packages have a limit of claiming up to R3 000 for 12 months. There is also an excess of about R250 per claim.

You Qualify if…

  1. You claim for scratch and dents small chips.

These are damages that do not exceed more than 1.5mm in diameter on the body work of your car.

Scratch and Dents Car Insurance South Africa

Scratch and Dents Car Insurance South Africa

Although these scratch and dents are relatively small, no one wants to drive around with a car that has a scratch and dent. It’s as annoying as having a leaky roof on a rainy day.

  1. Your car has a minor scratch and dents.

These are small but unwanted bumps on the surface of the car. They can be caused by small harmless accidents at home or on the road. Most insurance companies cover for scratch and dents that are no more than 15cm on the surface of the car.

  1. Minor Scratches.

We understand that you are the good driver, but one minor mistake can cause a scratch and dents on the surface of your car. As much as scratch and dents leave marks, most insurance companies that offer scratch and dents insurance cover for the repairs. Coverage is offered for scratches that are less than 15cm in length. N.B If any part is ripped off, this is not covered.

  1. Tar Removal.

Tar can stick to your car like how dirt sticks on toddlers clothes. A scratch and dents package will then act like the washing powder micro-particles that remove the stain. Policies under this package cover for an unlimited number of tar marks.

  1. Hail

We need the rain to make a greener South Africa. However, there are those occasions when the beloved decides to bring big brother Hail to visit. He sure can pack a pretty punch as hail can cause damage to cars. Packages cover hail damage that is caused once in 12 months.

  1. Mag’s and Rims

Got a few scratch and dents on your mag’s and rims? Don’t worry, they are also part of the package. As the payment for their repair is covered. A minor catch is that cover payment is not given if the mag’s and rims are damaged beyond repair.


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