Vintage takes over

Vintage rules!

Vintage rules!

Vintage is priceless they say. Now here we go with the most debated about the topic. We start off by James May who goes on to say, in most cases, classic cars are rubbish. If they were any good, they’d still be made. But they now make them faster and more comfortable. But there are other factors that make retro so amazing even up to the present day.

Why people love the retro

Everyone has to start from somewhere. That is how history is made. It is easily overlooked that what is now called vintage was once brand new. That is the beauty of it. Ideas are built upon what used to be old, that is how things are developed.

Everyone wants the so-called original. Back in the day before technology took its tall in the world. Designs for cars were sketched on paper. They would use pencils and paints to come up with these beauty shaped cars. Which was a lot of hard work, so credit has to be given to vintage cars we cannot totally disregard the fact that they were so authentic.

People love vintage because of a couple of reason such as the uniqueness of it, the quality and elegance. Queen Elizabeth II still cruises in the vintage Rolls Royce, that certainly does make a statement and strongholds the fact that vintage is still the way to go and is the perfect definition for elegance.

No one really wants to be using something that is flooded in the world. Vintage cars are more than just old hunks; there is the history, art. And most importantly they tell a story and because of the nostalgic feel to them, people really do appreciate old cars. And they bring out that sense of originality to them. So yes modern cars are easier, faster, more appealing but then people still do take time to take a real feel and love these vintage cars.

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