What happens once my claim has been registered?

What is a claim?

Eventually you are going to be involved in an accident either you are at fault or the other person is. Not that we wish you anything bad but situations like these are bound to happen. So by getting a claim (which is the payment that covers you to fix the damage that comes from the insurer) you are insured that you have no worries but to wait for your car to be fixed. But there is a procedure to be followed it is not just fast forward.

Car Insurance Claim South Africa

Car Insurance Claim South Africa

Once you have registered to have a claim it is important that you keep the reference number. This is vital as you might need to use it later on. The reference number helps identify records and data in the system. So this will help in seeing what you covered and basically your records.

Allocation of your claim

A representative for claims will be sent. Along with other persons who specify in that area. They will work with you to obtain the required documents. This is done so as to finalise the paperwork that is needed.

Validation claim

Your insurance company will send a validator. This is to capture all the necessary information about what really too place. The whole point of a validation is to see if the things that are being said are true. The very reason why it is encouraged that you speak nothing by the truth is because they want to be accurate. Sometimes the validators in case of an incident they go on to ask people at the scene like the medicals, police and others.

Assessment of damage

They have to access the damaged vehicle. First you login into your profile and they is already a booking. But you can decide whether to cancel it or go on with the booking. If you hadn’t booked you can do that online. Given a situation that you really cant do all that it is an option available for you to send pictures of the damaged vehicle. Or the other option if you fail to book the insurance company will send an assessor that will come during 1 working day and will take the information the service provider needs.


After this whole procedure, the service provider can now go on and approve your claim. That means that any claim you have will be covered by the insurance company. Because your claim will have been valid.