What is insurance?

A young 35-year-old lady just bought her car. And the excitement was in the air as she was driving to the farm to go and show her family her brand new car. On her way there she misjudged a corner and smash! She hit another car that was oncoming. Now she was panicking not only because of the accident but she had damaged the other person’s car. And how was she going to fix it? Where was the money going to come from when all of it was used to pay for the new car?

South Africa Car Insurance

South Africa Car Insurance

Most of you must have been thinking that well she really did not have an option, she couldn’t have seen the accident coming. Which is true, but she wouldn’t have to be worrying about paying for the car damages. If only she had registered to be insured.

Will my car be really insured

I know most of you have many questions as to what really is car insurance? Does it really help me when I’m in need? Yes, yes insurance really does all that. First of all, insurance is comes from the word to insure, which means to protect something against damage or loss. So car insurance this is the protection of your car from damage or loss.

There are companies which specifically just deal with car insurance. They give you options as to real life situations that might happen. And give you the freedom to pick as to which cover you are willing to pick. If you do so what you have to do is pay monthly payments that you would have agreed upon with the insurance company. Straight after that, you are guaranteed that any type of help you need or assistance they will be right there for you.

Insurance is the safest way you can safe keep your money for unexpected emergencies. And the beauty of it all is you no longer have to worry about anything. You let your insurer make sure that your car is fixed or recovered and also your health is good.

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