4x4s vehicle insurance

Bigger cars, 4×4 vehicles that can sustain the rough terrain and find out how to insure them

4x4 Vehicle Insurance South Africa

4×4 Vehicle Insurance South Africa

In South Africa, 4X4s and SUVs have a higher premium . This is because they have a much powerful engine that exceeds more than other smaller vehicles. These cars have greater and can sustain the rough-tough terrains. Our beautiful country South Africa is blessed wide abundance of great nature you would want to explore.

Expensive cars are likely to have a larger premium but car insurers have come up with ideas to overcome this burden. In most cases, the 4X4 Bakkie and SUVs are more likely to be comprehensive than of smaller cars also insured. Offroads takes us to adventurous places where smaller cars cannot hence they are more prone to risks. You can still get a comprehensive cover and at the same time have a lower premium.

For all trailblazer, here is the good news for you, offroad vehicles such as 4X4s have a special insurance package intended for them. Comprehensive cover for Bakkies are also suitable for 4X4 vehicle .Nothing will stop you from taking risky tours around the country, not even a premium. Your 4X4 vehicle and the 4X4 accessories will need comprehensive cover that will include,rough-tough terrain damage cover and theft or attempted theft cover.

How to reduce premiums for 4X4 vehicles

  • Telematics and other tracking devices fitted into your car will not only enhance your car’s security but earn you a low premium.
  • 4X4s are designed to travel into dangerous, adventures trip so you will need a driver’s defensive license that will prove the insured to be a good driver. A driver with a good record earns a lower premium.
  • NCBs are benefits earned when the insured has not yet claimed for a very long time.
  • The area you leave will affect your premium, if you leave in suburbs where there is low crimes rates such as car theft your premium will be reduced.
  • Taking good care of your car gets your premiums reduced. 4X4 vehicles are designed to travel in the most dangerous places but maintaining your car and getting them serviced by car expects regularly will get you a lower premium.
  • Elderly drivers owing 4X4s are privileged to have a lower premium compared to younger 4X4 vehicle drivers.
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