Budget Car insurance

Having a budget car insurance cover means you should also have a perfect financial management. CarinsuranceSA.co.za will guide you into having a reliable financial plan that never goes wrong. Accidents do happen but when they do happen your mind is at ease because all the damages will be covered by the insurance.

Budget Car Insurance South Africa

Budget Car Insurance South Africa

How to save on your vehicles monthly insurance premium

Car insurance can strain you budget. Every month you have to pay your premium and that will burden your monthly income. The first step to budgeting your income is opting for a car insurance policy in South Africa that will meet your requirements. Not that when choosing insurance for your car you mustn’t be limited by money but with what an insurance policy is offering.

  • Monthly premium for car insurance should decrease since your car’s value is depreciating each and every day. The amount of premium you paid when you car was new should be different for the next months and years to come.
  • Not claiming for a very long period of time will earn you a No Claim Bonus. That way you will be rewarded by the insurance company in paying less than you used to. NCBs are very helpful as far as your financial budgets are concerned.
  • An Excess in car insurance can also aid you to make financial decisions that are healthy for your budget. You can negotiate with you insurer to pay a lesser premium and then later pay a larger amount of Excess fee, or vice versa.
  • Having a good driving reputation can earn you a lower premium. Women are deemed to be careful and responsible that is why car insurance provide them with lower premiums.

Good Candidates for a Lower Premium

·       A good driver with a reputable driving record.

  • Rarely travels long distance, most probably because you work home.
  • A person with an NCB privilege
  • A higher excess insurance will enable a lower premium and vice versa.
  • Are the only person who drives your car
  • Leave in areas where theft and vandalism crimes are lower.
  • Elderly people are exempted from paying higher premiums than younger people.
  • If you look after your car properly.
  • According to car insurance women are careful and responsible drivers compared to their counterparts, hence they have a low premium privilege.
  • Telematics or tracking devices fitted into your car will earn you a lower premium.
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