Final Fantasy Remake

Final Destination Remake

After the 1997 PS4 Final Fantasy 7 game, Square Enix is set to release a remake of the action-packed game on the 10th of April 2020. The remake was announced in 2015 after requests from fans.

Final Destination Remake
Final Destination Remake

Final Fantasy 7 remake is fast, exciting and has big battles that require strategies with Cloud readily available you can use him or other party members in battles.

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Final Fantasy Remake 7 Plot

In the first episode of this remake, the whole game focuses on Midgar and it follows a former first-class soldier Cloud Strife, an army that is working for the Shinra who uses lifestream the planet’s life essence as an energy source to produce weapons.

Cloud who is new to the eco-terrorist organization Avalanche goes on a mission to stop Shinra who is corrupt. Because Cloud was once a soldier of Shinra he gives his help to Avalanche to help destroy Shinra. There are a series of consequences that comes after that.

The game takes place in the city of Midgar and the remake covers a lot, unlike the original game. The remake looks into the party’s escape from Midgar as well as going deeper into all the events that occur in Midgar a metropolis that only exists because of Shinra’s exploitation of the planet.

The good thing about the remake is that even though the story is a little confusing, the remake has done a great job in trying to simplify and explain it. The remake does a good job on many aspects of the original like giving characters some personalities and they become visible.


Play the Final Fantasy today on your PS4 and get to learn more about the storyline as it has been simplified also, get to know about some characters who did not have a voice In the first version of the game. Join the Avalanche and find out the consequences of turning and going against Shinra with a series of battles.