Why girls love cars

Her comfort and looks are worth much more so she will have to buy a car. Gone are the days when cars used to be associated with guys only. But times have changed and so has the perception of life. Girls now consider cars as a necessity.

What are the reasons

Girls and cars

Girls and cars

Let the stiletto talk do the explanation. There are days when girls just feel pretty. And they  want to make sure that their shoe game is on point. For some it is rather an everyday thing. Not having a car simply leaves you with the option of getting onto public transport. The most annoying part is having to walk down the street. And having to go and wait by the roadside to get a taxi or bus. It is even worse when there are potholes! Shoes are like car tires, you don’t want them to wear out because of bad roads! And so do girls, they don’t want their shoe tips to be damaged by ugly roads because they don’t have a car.

Boys night out has always been a thing and so is girls night out these days. Not having a car should be the least of your worries, because you do not want to be stranded when it is time to go home. I know what most of you are thinking! Why not call your boyfriend to come and pick you up? That will be a spoiler; you certainly do not want to go on a girl’s night out with your boyfriend on your hook or even you being on his radar, what a total turn off!

The worst is having spent hours your hair being pimped up and because you don’t have a car you get rained on. Usually the mood of a girl is channeled by what she is wearing and how she looks for the night or day. And a slight change of weather can destroy all that for her. With all this being said a car has become a girls new best friend.

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