Courtesy Car

Courtesy car – What will happen when your car gets damaged and it going through repairs? Would you borrow a car from a friend after being involved in an accident or opt for renting a car or taking public transport? Get yourself a top car insurance policy with a courtesy car where our website will direct you.

Life in South Africa is full of surprises. You might be a good driver with lots of experience and drive responsibly, our car insurance guide is saying when life hits you where it hurts the most and you have nowhere to turn to, Courtesy Cars is available.

What is a courtesy car?

A courtesy car is the one which is temporarily provided to a client whenever they damage their car and theirs is going through repairs. There are many options of getting a courtesy car. All you need to do is subscribe for one in your car insurance policy.

Courtesy Car Insurance South Africa

Courtesy Car Insurance South Africa

Policy details

Like any other important documents, the client is advised to first the terms and conditions of the policy before agreeing to it. Availability terms and conditions associated with the courtesy car vary from insurer to insurer as well as the standard packages vary from insurer to insurer. You wouldn’t want any unnecessary surprises when you are making your claim after an accident.

According to some policies, courtesy cars are offered as standards. On the other hand, some policies include courtesy cars as extras in the package while others do not consider replacement cars at all. Carefully consider the following.

Subject to availability clause

Before agreeing for a courtesy car you should understand the T&Cs attached. As we said before, standard packages come differently according to who is giving us an insurance policy. Some car insurance company will offer to give you a courtesy car if they have one available for you at that time. Meaning you might end up without a car after you leave yours for repairs.

Courtesy Car Policy clause

Coursey car policies can come with stiff T&Cs. For instance, courtesy cars can be given to you only when your car was damaged. In cases where the car was stolen or written off, insurers will not provide for a temporary replacement car.

Purchasing and repairs clause

In such a term, courtesy cars are only provided when you get to repair your car at the insurer’s garage or a place they might recommend you. You purchase a car from the car insurer, that’s the only way of getting a courtesy car later on when your car gets damaged.

Courtesy car duration clause

How long does it take a client to use a temporary replacement car provided by the insurer? The replacement car can last for a few weeks and you are obliged to give it back promptly. Either your car is done being repaired or not, it’s your fish to fry. Henceforth, always make sure you understand the T&Cs first.

Basic courtesy car policy

In a basic policy car policy, the client is likely to get a 5-door compact car and a 1litre fuel. No matter what car you were driving before, you might be asked to pay for your fuel and security deposit.

Choose the right Courtesy Car Insurance policy

Do your homework thoroughly before engaging with policies that might not meet your needs. It is important for you to go about and look for a car insurance policies that provide a courtesy car. Therefore compare and contrast many policies and their terms and conditions available. As we have just talked about in the previous paragraphs, a client should be aware of the T&Cs of the car insurer before agreeing to any policy.

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