Insurance advise & road safety in SA

“It’s better to arrive late than to be the late, car insurance plays a very pivotal role in road safety in South Africa.

There is nothing better to ease your mind than to know that you have a good insurance that will cover the damages for you in case anything might happen to your vehicle, property, trailers or third party. Car insurance assist in the road safety awareness;

  • By involving a No claim bonus and an Excess in car insurance, the client is obliged to keep to the right side of the law because they wouldn’t want to inconvenience their finances.
  • By repairing cars after a loss has occurred, it will enable a safer driving environment for the driver, other people, their vehicles and property. Knowing that you have a good car insurance that will cover your loss will create a peaceful mind for the driver whenever they are on the road.
  • Through the creation of awareness through advertisement and pamphlets for the client, will continuously notify and urge the driver to be careful on the road.
Insurance advise & road safety in South Africa

Insurance advise & road safety in South Africa

A number of accidents that takes place are sometimes inevitable. Thus the car insurance is there to aid people to recover their losses. However, there are also penalties that come with at-fault car insurance policies. Being a reckless driver will make you lose a good driving reputation resulting in a premium increase or lose privileges such as NCBs.

Contributing factors to cars and vehicle lose on the road

The Human factors

  • Ignoring road signage
  • Drivers deprived adequate sleep
  • Inadequate space between moving cars on the road
  • Drivers and pedestrians under the influence of alcohol or other non-medical substances
  • U-Turns and turning in front of coming traffic
  • Hit and run situations
  • Absent-minded drivers
  • Reversing and overtaking in the inconducive road environment
  • Pedestrian jaywalking
  • Overspeeding
  • A car chase by law enforcement or others

Vehicles factors

Some cars or vehicles are not in the right conditions to be in use. For instance, they could need repairs of;

  • Headlamps faulty, blinding or switched off lights
  • Damaged rear reflectors
  • Faulty brakes
  • Overloaded vehicles, that is, with cargo or passengers
  • Faulty vehicle steering
  • Driving with almost flat or burst tires prior to the accident

Road Factors

  • Poor conditions of the road surface,e.g, Potholes
  • Wild stray animals
  • Blind spot/corner
  • Robot blackout or poor street lighting
  • Poor view due to smoke, mist, fogs, smoke and other factors
  • Poor road infrastructure like narrow lanes
  • Slippery roads usually after a rain or faulty tires without a strong grip on the road
  • Sharp turn corners – in other situations, when the track and cargo are overweighed or the driver pursues a speed sharp turn an accident might occur
  • Road construction in progress


South Africa’s high crime rates have also resulted in road accidents. Hijacking, car vandalism, smash and grab incidents and thefts.

How to make an informed decision about car insurance

There are certain issues you should put into consideration before purchasing a car insurance. South Africa has many car insurance policies running but you should find out if they can offer a policy that meets your satisfaction. Remember, car insurance come with different policies ranging from insurer to insurer.

Put into consideration factors such as;

  • Car insurance policies vary from insurer to insurer. Before signing a car insurance contract always make sure that you have read the T&Cs thoroughly. You would want surprises when you are about to make to a claim. For example, make sure that if you have a car insurance that provides with a courtesy car, the car is available whenever you are in need of it. Some car insurance only provides for a courtesy car when they have got one available in their garage. Some insurer only provides courtesy cars to clients who have purchased or repaired their cars from the insurer.
  • Car insurance popularity is a very important factor to put into consideration. Popular car insurance policies are usually reliable. They have created a reputable name because of how they treat and serve the top insurance policies. South Africa car insurance companies with a reputation are Midway, Old Mutual, First For Women, King Price just to mention a few.
  • Bonus and privileges provided by car insurance mean that your premiums, claims and bonus are not a burden for you. Also, opt for the top car insurance policies such and the comprehensive policies that cover for the third person and the loses they have encountered as well as your injuries and loses that you need the insurer to cover for. Comprehensive policies might be expensive but they cover you with all there is to be recovered after a loss has occurred.
  • Convenient covers that are not biased are available in car insurance policies. In most cases, insurance for the younger drives is quite expensive but the insurer comes up with different packages that are affordable to both younger and older drivers.
  • If some service can be approved or applicable to foreign countries, it will be easier for the driver to travel across boarder knowing that the insurance policy has got their backs. It becomes possible to transfer your policies and enjoy them abroad and back home in South Africa.
  • Understand the car insurance. Know how car insurance operates and what will they benefit from you. Having knowledge of car insurance will help you find affordable insurance. You will not walk into a dead end or ditch because you are aware of the insurance policy like the back of your hand. website

It is our greatest wish for all drivers to travel safely all the time. Like we said before its better to be late than to be the late. Drive safely and remember life is a gift,you only live once. Keep South Africa road safe.

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