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Learner driver car insurance

The song of insuring your car has been sang so many times. This just shows how important this issue really is. The same way life is important is the same value put to car insurance. The question that is now being asked is if you have your young learner driver will he/she be insured on your cover.

Learner Driver Car Insurance South Africa

Learner Driver Car Insurance South Africa


When you get your cover it is essential that you read thoroughly and understand what exactly it requires. Most people have a tendency of just signing and agreeing on terms and conditions they really do not understand. This will cause problems not just for you but also for the car insurance that you would have chosen.

Take insurance as sisters, in the sense that they all come from the same family. But again are different in characters. So it is important for you to understand how differently they work according to the specific functions.

How to go about it

Now let’s cut to the chase. Now South African regular drivers or owners of vehicles might be reluctant that a learner is driving their car and not put them on their insurance. It will all come down in shambles when that minor gets into an accident and your insurance company denies your claim despite the fact that the minor has a license.

The thing that is taken lightly by insured car owners is the issue of engine size. In cases that you have added your young learner driver to your insurance it doesn’t end there. They can’t be driving any car. The engine size does matter after all.

There are cars that are regarded to high performance and are not to be driven by people below the age of 25. To break it down- a high performance car is simply a car that is created mainly to have excessive speed than the usual. If the power to weight is greater than 0.085 you are not to drive it even if the learner is insured and licensed.

Don’t lose hope yet as you might get a chance to drive that car you want. But only if the car is yours and you are listed to be a regular driver. The insurance company first has to consider your age and driving experience for that privileged to be granted to you.

As highlighted by this article your safety comes first. But they will also compromise so that you are not disadvantaged but you are also kept happy as the customer.

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