Are telematics and black box the same?

Definitely, telematics is the same as the black box. Telematics is just a different term to refer to the black box. It depends on the insurance company in South Africa and the term they feel most comfortable using.

What does black box policy do?

Black is one of the most helpful apps especially for insurers and also benefits the insured so basically, both parties are benefiting. Well with the technological advancement across the world, South Africa insurance companies have managed to keep up with times. Black box policy or also known as the telematics policy this is when a small device is fitted on your car. Or simply download an app on your phone that screens your driving habits. That app will record whether or not you are a good driver. Your insurance company keeps records of this data. If you happen to be then so are you guaranteed to get premiums that are cheap.

Telematics South Africa Car Insurance

Telematics South Africa Car Insurance

So is black box fitted to my car

A black box is a two in one gadget. It is fitted into your car. It can either be fitted on the dashboard or beneath the bonnet. If your car is stolen it also comes in handy as it can also work as a tracker. Or like mentioned before you can preferably use the app on your phone.

How does the black box encourage safe driving

How these device or app works is quite simple. It measures when, where and how you are driving. Also, it monitors the following;

Mileage; if you drive a lot more frequently you are on a higher risk of being involved in an accident.

Speed; it looks at things like do you stick to the speed limits.

Steering and braking; are you steering moderately or forcefully, it also looks at if you hard braking hard.

Time; the type of hours you driving, is it during peak hours or when they are not really that much of traffic on the road.

Location; when considering the location it looks at the types of places you usually at, whether town centers that are busy with the traffic of countryside and by this, they can tell the chances of you being at risk.

This is the information the black box records in order for your premium to be calculated and determines whether it is going to be reduced or increased.

Can I see the data from my black box?

Definitely, you can see the data from your black box. This gives you the chance to correct your driving habits and also reduce the risk of you being at risk.

What are the benefits of telematics

The black box has multiple benefits. First of all, it determines the premium package that you will have. Rather than the insurance company basing their premium on statistics. If you are to be involved in a car accident it records the impact of the accident and is quickly sent to the service provider and you get assistance quickly.

Will black box really make a difference to my premium?

Yes, it does, but again your efforts will count. This is because it is based on your driving. If you decide to drive recklessly this could be bad news for you. Because this could be a guarantee that your premium will be quite costly.

Will my data be shared elsewhere?

No, your data is only for the insurer and also for you if need be. But in cases of police investigations, they can come and request for it.

I’m over 25. Can I get a black box insurance?

Yes, you can. Even if you have been driving for a while the need for you to see how you drive is essential. And some especially the older find black as being cheaper.

Will black box policy restrict me when and where I can drive?

Yes for some black box they have limitations as to places you can go and places you can not go. So it is important for you to check the label and see if they are restrictions. Because you can be buying it and wanting cheap premium when you can reach your destination. So if you do not want these restrictions to check for the one with no restrictions.

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