Cars and technology entwined

According to Hilton, cars are known to be the saga of ecstasy and agony. Cars push technology to its limits. They are so many elements that are being improved on a daily basis. From the wheels to the interior, to the engine, you name it!

Cars and technology fun facts

Cars and technology

Cars and technology

Since the start of formula 1 it has become the playground of technology. What I mean by this is the fact that cars are being developed every day. And where is their test lab to see that this car needs an upgrade? Well, where else besides the race course. This is where they get ideas to develop them and also pressure from their competitors. Did you know that a modern Formula 1 car can drive upside down in a tunnel at 120mph? how cool is that?!

If you thought that was weird wait until you hear this next one. Apparently, the first man to invent a cruise control was blind. Yes! You read that right, he was blind. The blind man Ralph Teetor was inspired by his lawyer who was somewhat a reckless driver. Some of you might be wondering as to what a cruise control is? This is a device found in a vehicle to keep the speed on constant.

The world’s first fast-moving ticket was allotted in 1902, and the car was traveling at a speed of 42mph. This will just show you how extremely t technology has picked from that time to the present day. So we have to applaud those who are doing this amazing job because not only is that benefiting them but then many other people world over.

These are the little and massive factors that make us appreciate cars. As they have become a necessity in our day to day lives and we really can’t do without them.

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